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Do you know ... Catalonia’s contributions to football?
6 Feb 2018
Sacked Catalan president calls for opposition to Madrid
29 Oct 2017
Catalonia declares independence, Madrid imposes direct rule
28 Oct 2017
Spain says it will sack Catalan leaders
22 Oct 2017
Spain to 'directly rule' Catalonia
20 Oct 2017
Catalonia refuses to back down on independence
18 Oct 2017
Catalan leader puts independence on hold
11 Oct 2017
Rajoy: Spain will continue to be Spain for a long time
8 Oct 2017
Spaniards hold rallies amid rising independence tension
8 Oct 2017
Spain refuses talks until Catalonia toes the line
5 Oct 2017
Spanish police move to prevent Catalonia independence vote
1 Oct 2017