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Malaysian women find spy cameras in Portugal lodging
26 Jun 2019
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7 Jun 2019
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21 Mar 2019
Samsung beats rivals to launch first 5G smartphone
21 Feb 2019
Lam Thye: Additional AES Cameras can cut down rate of road accidents
4 Feb 2019
Loke: Safety measures for Penang Bridge to be reviewed
27 Jan 2019
Facial recognition used on wanted individuals on Penang island
2 Jan 2019
Knock, knock! It’s Larry the Cat
21 Nov 2018
Numerous tickets issued after new traffic violation enforced
11 May 2018
Adorable baby aardvark steals the show
30 Dec 2017
MBPJ's owl has 'eyes' and 'mouths'
7 Oct 2017