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Heatwave hits southern California
16 Jun 2021
California transit employee kills 8 co-workers
27 May 2021
Universal Studios theme park reopens
17 Apr 2021
LA's famed Cinerama Dome is shutting down
14 Apr 2021
Facebook HQ hosts Covid-19 vaccine site
11 Apr 2021
Four reported dead, 2 wounded in mass shooting south of Los Angeles
1 Apr 2021
Truck slams SUV near US-Mexico border, at least 13 dead
3 Mar 2021
Tiger Woods will not face charges in crash
25 Feb 2021
Woods 'awake, responsive' after car wreck surgery
24 Feb 2021
Tiger Woods suffers ‘multiple’ injuries in car crash
24 Feb 2021
‘Come with me if you want to live': Schwarzenegger receives Covid vaccine
22 Jan 2021
The Straits Times | Cell-cultured meat could be sold in S'pore in world first
2 Dec 2020
California records over 20,000 new Covid-19 cases on Nov 23
25 Nov 2020
Women also hunted some 9000 years ago, says research
17 Nov 2020
US presidential polls: California’s early voters enjoy a day on the beach
4 Nov 2020
Firefighters put out 3 percent of wildfire in Los Angeles County
19 Sep 2020
Oakland sky 'looks like doomsday' - resident
10 Sep 2020
California seeks help as wildfires threaten communities
23 Aug 2020
Why Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate
20 Aug 2020
Fire crew battles massive blaze up in California
16 Aug 2020
LA school bus drivers face 'real rough time'
10 Aug 2020
US varsity students: Consider our situation
14 Jul 2020
Body of 'Glee' actress Naya Rivera found in California lake
14 Jul 2020
‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera missing, feared drowned at California lake
9 Jul 2020
US sets record for single-day coronavirus surge
9 Jul 2020
US surgeon general pleads with Americans to wear masks
1 Jul 2020
Rise in admission: A California doctor’s perspective of Covid-19
26 Jun 2020
Police voted out of schools in Oakland
26 Jun 2020
Barber shops and hair salons in certain parts of California can re-open
27 May 2020
'Darth Vader' shows lighter side of coronavirus protection
20 May 2020
104-year-old veteran's drive-by birthday celebration
2 Apr 2020
California becomes first American state to issue ‘stay at home’ order
20 Mar 2020
Weather a possible factor in Bryant crash
28 Jan 2020
Eyewitness saw Kobe Bryant's helicopter flying low, heard explosion
27 Jan 2020
Star Wars premiere bids farewell to Skywalker story
18 Dec 2019
Watch Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘unbreakable’ glass mishap
22 Nov 2019
Two dead, four injured in CA school shooting
15 Nov 2019
Jho Low gives up US$1bil in assets to settle 1MDB suits
31 Oct 2019
At least 25 killed in California boat fire
3 Sep 2019
Comedian Kevin Hart hospitalised after car crash
2 Sep 2019
Four dead in California shooting, including suspected gunman
29 Jul 2019
Hollywood legend Doris Day dead at 97
14 May 2019
Gunman in synagogue shooting identified
28 Apr 2019
The Avengers assemble at news conference in Los Angeles
9 Apr 2019
U.S. states sue Trump over border wall funds
19 Feb 2019
Three killed, four wounded in California bowling alley shooting
5 Jan 2019
NASA's InSight lands on Mars in risky mission
27 Nov 2018
Stephen Curry unhurt in two car accidents
24 Nov 2018
Trump tours fire-ravaged California
24 Nov 2018
Thanksgiving in the ashes of Paradise, California
23 Nov 2018
After wildfires, possible mudslides in California
20 Nov 2018
Trump tours what was left behind from fire-ravaged California
18 Nov 2018
Death toll rises to 23 in California wildfires
11 Nov 2018
Five dead in California wildfire
10 Nov 2018
Gunshots heard as patron films gunman shooting inside California bar
9 Nov 2018
Suspect identified in California shooting that killed 12
9 Nov 2018
American rap mogul Knight sentenced to 28 years in jail
5 Oct 2018
Testimony by Trump court nominee's accuser set; new allegation surfaces
24 Sep 2018
Straits Times' hands-on with iPhone XS and XS Max
15 Sep 2018
Apple unveils larger iPhone, health-conscious watch
13 Sep 2018
Holy Fire rages near California's Lake Elsinore
9 Aug 2018
Light plane crashes, killing five in California
6 Aug 2018
Firefighters gain ground on California wildfire
31 Jul 2018
California wildfire doubles in size as thousands flee
29 Jul 2018
Police arrest suspect in decades-old 'Golden State Killer' case
26 Apr 2018
Woman wounds three at YouTube headquarters in California before killing herself
4 Apr 2018
More protests over killing of black man in California
1 Apr 2018
Trump surveys prototype border walls
14 Mar 2018
Gunman and three hostages found dead at California veterans home
10 Mar 2018
Kobe Bryant's 'Dear Basketball' nominated for Oscars
24 Jan 2018
California parents charged with torture of 13 children
22 Jan 2018
Dazzling 'Fireworks' Jellyfish seen off the Mexican coast
19 Jan 2018
Thai man and young son killed in California mudslides
18 Jan 2018
13 siblings found chained and starving in California home
16 Jan 2018
Hoping for a ‘miracle’ in California mudslides
14 Jan 2018
At least 17 killed in California mudslides
12 Jan 2018
Oprah for president?
9 Jan 2018
California begins legal sales of recreational marijuana
2 Jan 2018
Apple says sorry after outcry over slowed iPhones
29 Dec 2017
Apple faces lawsuits for slowing down aging iPhones
28 Dec 2017
Man accused of plotting attack for Islamic State before Christmas
23 Dec 2017
Man rescues rabbit from California wildfires
8 Dec 2017
California wildfires rage on, threatening LA neighborhoods
7 Dec 2017
Couple tie the knot across US-Mexico barrier
20 Nov 2017
UCLA basketball players suspended for shoplifting
16 Nov 2017
Gunman kills four in California shooting spree
15 Nov 2017