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The Straits Times | Singaporeans fuel cafe-hopping trend in Johor
3 Oct 2022
Vietnam News | Expat-owned cafe helps with stray cat adoption
25 Sep 2022
Vietnam News | The art of coffee
16 May 2022
B40 families benefit from RM1 shop and cafe
31 Mar 2022
Shanghai cafe pioneers anti-dementia efforts
21 Nov 2021
Cafe in PJ conducts Malaysian Sign Language classes, besides hiring deaf individuals
6 Nov 2021
Melbourne ends one of the world's longest lockdowns
22 Oct 2021
Single mothers, underprivileged teens find hope and income through social enterprise cafe
15 Oct 2021
Sydneysiders hit gyms, pubs and department stores as lockdown ends
11 Oct 2021
Antivirus pioneer John McAfee dies by suicide in Spanish prison
24 Jun 2021
Vietnam News | Hanoi orders the closure of restaurants, cafes and hair salons
26 May 2021
France's Macron out in the cafe after Covid-19 restrictions are eased
19 May 2021
Paris reopens, eases back to normality
19 May 2021
The Straits Times | Spray-paint a wall in Kampong Glam and explore its past 
12 May 2021
China Daily | Asia Featured: Kito Rato cafe in Indonesia
18 Apr 2021
Autism Cafe Project: A project born out of love for son
18 Apr 2021
Vietnam News | Coffee and A Check-up
26 Mar 2021
Vaccine cakes served up in Prague cafe
6 Mar 2021
Phnom Penh Post | Serving coffee with a side of robots
26 Jan 2021
China Daily | Taste Buds: Zero-waste cafe MANA!
30 Aug 2020
China Daily | Tasting tea in a tearoom
22 Aug 2020
Food packs with love from Parents with autistic children to HKL frontliners
7 Jun 2020
Determined father with autistic son on a mission to provide jobs for autistic youth
6 Jun 2020
Nine-year-old seals friendship with Dr Noor Hisham with self-loomed bracelet
20 Apr 2020
The deliciousness has landed: AirAsia opens restaurant serving inflight meals
2 Dec 2019
Cute or cruel? 'Panda dog' cafe in China faces backlash
25 Oct 2019
One killed as hotel under construction collapses in New Orleans
13 Oct 2019
Plastic cups runneth over at Cambodia's Rubbish Cafe
19 Jul 2019
Many Malaysians behind Huawei in US-China trade war
30 May 2019
Autism stories: A parent's tale
8 Apr 2019
Taste Buds: Tomato Cheese Noodles in Hong Kong
24 Mar 2019
Behind the scenes at Cristiano Ronaldo's favourite restaurant
9 Mar 2019
Golden Hearts Award 2018: Masala Wheels
12 Dec 2018
Cafe blast kills rebel leader in eastern Ukraine
2 Sep 2018
Chinese hawker fare for all at Bee Hwa Cafe
28 Aug 2018
Cafe follows latest durian fad
30 May 2018
Treats for those with inked finger
9 May 2018
Mo Salah lookalike revels in his doppelganger's popularity
3 May 2018
Police raid two illegal gambling dens in Singapore
24 Mar 2018
Cat lovers bid farewell to cat cafe
12 Feb 2018
Premix coffee may have been tampered with, say cops
3 Feb 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Book cafe in Indonesia brings out spiritual side in visitors
2 Feb 2018
Animal-friendly cafe
4 Jan 2018
Bangkok's floral cafe a well-known place to hangout
27 Nov 2017
Fight breaks out in Sibu cafe
24 Nov 2017
Breakfast at Tiffany's is now a reality
18 Nov 2017
Duo gunned down in Sibu cafe
5 Oct 2017
Seven continents served in a plate of rice
2 Oct 2017
Doll up at Malaysia's first beauty cafe
1 Oct 2017
Passengers enjoy Japan’s first cat cafe on a moving train
10 Sep 2017
Asia Cafe regulars shocked to hear news of closure
16 Aug 2017
Australian cafe applies 18 percent surcharge for male customers
11 Aug 2017
Jakarta Post guide to Cipete
29 May 2017
Sexy ‘bunny’ waitresses proves to be a bankable idea
27 Mar 2017
Indonesian toilet cafe serves up stomach-churning food
25 Jul 2016
Hot Spots: Calanthe Art Cafe, Malaysia
30 May 2016