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Observing rituals from home again on Wesak Day
26 May 2021
Devotees will take Wesak Day celebrations online this year
22 May 2021
Online viewing of CNY lantern lighting up ceremony at Dong Zen Temple
10 Feb 2021
Monk ordination exercise at Penang temple to clear the minds
27 Nov 2019
Wesak Day parade attracts devotees and tourists in Kuala Lumpur
30 May 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Robe-covering event on Buddha image in Thailand
13 Apr 2018
Young novice impresses temple goers with sharp memory
4 Apr 2018
Bodhi tree with pink tinge discovered at Thai temple
12 Jun 2017
United through Wesak
11 May 2017
Celebrating Wesak Day at Yaku Pagoda
10 May 2017
Guan Yin worship festival draws a large crowd
16 Feb 2017