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Selangor-level Wesak Day celebration runs at Jenjarom temple for two days
14 May 2022
Devotees return to Buddhist temples for Wesak Day celebration
13 May 2022
The Thai monks turned social media stars
14 Oct 2021
'Vaccines' for the afterlife a hot sale during Hungry Ghost Festival
26 Aug 2021
Digital technologies help preserve world cultural heritage in central China
18 Jul 2021
13 Tibetan monks receive Buddhism's highest degree
9 Apr 2021
Monk ordination exercise at Penang temple to clear the minds
27 Nov 2019
Thai volunteers chip in to help with temple's construction after online plea
22 Jan 2018
A record number of foreign Buddhist devotees in the Kathina ceremony
31 Oct 2017
A dedicated novice monk
18 Oct 2017
Buddhist Lent Festival ends with ceremonial lotus tossing
9 Oct 2017
Phitsanulok's golden teak Buddha
2 Oct 2017
Phitsanulok's tall spirit house is an attraction to visitors in the province
13 Jul 2017
Petchaburi's traditional way of giving alms
5 Jul 2017
Bodhi tree with pink tinge discovered at Thai temple
12 Jun 2017
Chaiyapum's merit-making ceremony honors the late Thai King
22 Feb 2017
Unique ordination ceremony in Thailand retained for over 170 years
12 Apr 2016