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Largest white diamond to ever hit the auction block
3 May 2022
Rare 'da Vinci of violins' goes up for auction in France
27 Apr 2022
Nur Sajat’s family shows off their house that is up for sale
10 Feb 2022
Giant tuna sold for nearly US$150,000 in Japan, but price lowest in three years
5 Jan 2022
Nur Sajat’s household items finally auctioned off for a lower price
22 Dec 2021
'Successful' bidder of auction for Sajat's assets goes missing
14 Dec 2021
Imperial carpet from Beijing sells for $7.7 mln
24 Nov 2021
World’s first postage stamp goes to auction
27 Oct 2021
Triceratops skeleton expected to fetch $1.75 million
21 Oct 2021
Iconic Mandela shirts go up for auction
15 Oct 2021
Jade scepter set to fetch up to US$13 million at auction
30 Sep 2021
Collector's Babe Ruth card could knock auction out of the park
18 May 2021
Porsche driven by Maradona in his ‘forgotten season' goes up for auction
3 Mar 2021
31 nabbed in online gambling bust, including two on their first day at work after CNY
24 Feb 2021
Two men spend RM13,000 to save auctioned animals
21 Nov 2019
JPJ to auction off 100 seized vehicles
24 Sep 2019
Govt spent RM14mil to maintain Equanimity so far
28 Mar 2019
Putrajaya can't take over temple land, says Dr Mahathir
29 Nov 2018
‘Equanimity’ goes up for auction on Oct 29
26 Oct 2018
Seized luxury items including RM61k Rolex up for auction
17 Oct 2018
Tokyo’s ‘new Tsukiji’ market springs into action
11 Oct 2018
Banksy's painting self-destructs after £1mil sale at Sotheby auction
6 Oct 2018
Equanimity to be auctioned off by year-end
5 Oct 2018
Tun M: some wealthy individuals are interested in Equanimity
11 Aug 2018
France pulls Marquis de Sade erotic novel from auction
21 Dec 2017
Singer Neil Young auctions his model train collection
5 Dec 2017
Da Vinci portrait of Christ sells for record $450.3 million in New York
16 Nov 2017
Letter penned a day before Titanic sank sold at UK auction
23 Oct 2017
Audrey Hepburn collection on show in Hong Kong ahead of auction
2 Sep 2017