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China's Shenzhou-15 astronauts return safely
4 Jun 2023
Shenzhou-16 crew enter space station, complete handover in five days
31 May 2023
China's first female astronaut Liu Yang opens her heart
10 Mar 2023
China's Shenzhou-14 astronauts returning to Earth
4 Dec 2022
China's astronauts in two missions make historic gathering in space
30 Nov 2022
Tianwen-1 Mars mission team wins IAF World Space Award
24 Sep 2022
NASA rolls out its most powerful rocket ever
17 Aug 2022
China launches crewed mission to complete space station construction
6 Jun 2022
China's Shenzhou-13 astronauts arrive in Beijing
17 Apr 2022
China's Shenzhou-13 astronauts return to Earth
16 Apr 2022
NASA could face an astronaut shortage
28 Jan 2022
How have extravehicular activities of Chinese astronauts been coached?
11 Nov 2021
China's taikonaut Zhai performs spacewalk again
8 Nov 2021
See-off ceremony held for Chinese astronauts of Shenzhou-13 mission
16 Oct 2021
How do Chinese astronauts train for crewed space mission?
15 Oct 2021
China's Shenzhou-12 astronauts arrive in Beijing
18 Sep 2021
China declares Shenzhou-12 space mission a success after return of its astronauts
17 Sep 2021
Chinese astronauts leave space station module for Earth
16 Sep 2021
SpaceX launches first all-civilian crew to orbit
16 Sep 2021
Chinese astronauts talk with Hong Kong youths from space via video link
4 Sep 2021
Chinese astronauts complete second EVAs for space station construction
20 Aug 2021
Meet the Arab world's first female astronaut
7 Jul 2021
Chinese astronauts enjoy hearty meals amid tasks in space station
23 Jun 2021
Chinese astronauts board space station module and settle in
18 Jun 2021
China launches crewed spacecraft Shenzhou-12 in historic mission
17 Jun 2021
Astronaut trio looking forward to tomorrow’s China spaceship launch
16 Jun 2021
Shenzhou-12 to send three Chinese astronauts to build space station
16 Jun 2021
SpaceX launch marks a new era for NASA
16 Nov 2020
SpaceX launches two Nasa astronauts into orbit in historic mission
31 May 2020
Chinese dad designs inflatable suit to shield son from coronavirus
15 Apr 2020
Record-setting female astronaut talks life on earth
13 Feb 2020
Space crew survives plunge to Earth after Russian rocket fails
11 Oct 2018
SpaceX's first private passenger says others might join him in trip around moon
9 Oct 2018
NASA to send astronauts to moon by 2024
29 Aug 2018
Chinese space station will crash, but it probably won't hit you
30 Mar 2018
John Young, 'most experienced' U.S. astronaut, dies
7 Jan 2018
Astronaut captures Aurora Borealis spectacle from space
15 Dec 2017
Record-breaking US astronaut Peggy Whitson and her crew back on Earth
3 Sep 2017