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Mural transformed, now looks more like Fan Bingbing
9 Jun 2024
Updated censorship guidelines focuses on public safety and culture, says Saifuddin
20 May 2024
Zahid urges GAPENA to use new media for producing art and cultural content
5 May 2024
South Korean artist enchanted by "heaven of creation" in China's Jingdezhen
26 Apr 2024
Centuries-old porcelain capital Jingdezhen withstands test of time
12 Apr 2024
Aliff Aziz refuses to divorce wife Bella Astillah
4 Apr 2024
Versatile artiste Jaafar Onn passes away at 73
3 Apr 2024
Ministry denies claims foreign artistes prohibited from staying in M'sia before shows
26 Mar 2024
Discover rural China through art
13 Mar 2024
An “accidental” doll maker
23 Feb 2024
Chinese dragon in their eyes: archaeologists and animation artist
18 Feb 2024
China Daily | Fascinating artwork awaits at the 2023 Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season
5 Jan 2024
THISARMY figurines: A modern twist on China's terracotta legacy
3 Jan 2024
Revellers at The Exchange TRX countdown party welcome 2024
1 Jan 2024
Robot artist Ai-Da sends Christmas greetings
22 Dec 2023
Celebrating a 'Year on TikTok 2023'
18 Dec 2023
'Time' names Taylor Swift its 2023 Person Of The Year
7 Dec 2023
Respect country's sovereignty, laws when performing in Malaysia, says Teo
22 Nov 2023
'Kill Switch' ready for Coldplay's concert tonight, says Fahmi
22 Nov 2023
Fahmi: Reduction of entertainment duty will be a catalyst for economic growth
13 Oct 2023
Changing from mine crater to earth art
6 Oct 2023
Vietnam News | A real life toy story
20 Sep 2023
The traditional Chinese folk art of fish rubbing
29 Aug 2023
Vietnam News | Beautify Da Nang with colorful murals
27 Aug 2023
Innovation and artistry: Young craftsman blends Wadang culture and iron kettles
23 Aug 2023
Vietnam News | An exemplary wooden village
20 Aug 2023
Art of cultivation: Splendid paddy field paintings in North China
13 Aug 2023
'Coco, goodbye!': Tearful farewells for pop diva Coco Lee at Hong Kong funeral
1 Aug 2023
State polls: Hoi Hoi Ya Hoi singer contests in Lembah Jaya, says no special song created this time
29 Jul 2023
“Let's move on from The 1975 and work on more guidelines for future music festivals, say GVF
27 Jul 2023
Designer of Twitter bird logo "sad" to see it go
25 Jul 2023
Fahmi: SOP for foreign acts in concerts to be reviewed
23 Jul 2023
Local artistes, vendors to sue The 1975, Healy remains defiant
23 Jul 2023
Hollywood actors, writers unite on picket lines
15 Jul 2023
Hollywood actors announce historic strike
14 Jul 2023
Lat bestowed with 'Seniman Diraja' title by Perak Ruler
8 Jul 2023
The Straits Times | Zoo-bilee: The Singapore Zoo turns 50
27 Jun 2023
Sand painting | A salute to our supermen
18 Jun 2023
Art exhibition reflects foreign artists' life experience in China
13 Jun 2023
Pandelela installed as national unity icon, Dewan Rakyat told
12 Jun 2023
Ducking out: Hong Kong inflatable duck art deflates
12 Jun 2023
'Queen of rock 'n' roll' Tina Turner dies at 83
25 May 2023
Chabaixi: transforming a cup of tea into a work of art
21 May 2023
Vietnam News | The art laughter
13 May 2023
Mother’s Day 2023 makeover for Orang Asli women
13 May 2023
Shoebox rooms: Local Govt Ministry drafting new guideline for rental rooms regulations, says Nga
11 May 2023
Don't stop others from enjoying performances, says Nga
11 May 2023
Vietnam News | Artist draws portraits to honour Vietnamese heroic mothers
26 Apr 2023
Vietnam News | Hanoi woman makes painting out of scrap paper
15 Apr 2023
Anwar breaks fast with media, artistes
12 Apr 2023
Vietnam artist in race to paint 'heroic mothers'
30 Mar 2023
Ex-member of Grammy-winning Fugees to stand trial in 1MDB-linked conspiracy case
28 Mar 2023
Respect the copyright of local artists, ask for permission before use, says Fahmi
11 Mar 2023
130-year-old bronze sculpture revived in north China
5 Feb 2023
Argentine artists conquer Qatar with unique flags
17 Dec 2022
Wartime portrait sells for $20.7 million at auction
2 Dec 2022
The Straits Times | Cuteness alert! Doraemon Exhibition lands in Singapore
6 Nov 2022
Vietnam News | A Glass Act
6 Oct 2022
The Korea Herald | Meet the artist behind NFT bunny-shaped burgers
22 Sep 2022
Shahidan: Approvals given for concerts to be reviewed
4 Sep 2022
China, Malaysia hold online shadow puppetry workshop
25 Aug 2022
Vietnam News | Fabric art
6 Aug 2022
Traditional Chinese art draws world audience
16 Jul 2022
Artist with dementia to showcase artwork at first-of-its-kind exhibition in Ipoh
8 Jun 2022
Time to decriminalise medicinal use of cannabis, says Syed Saddiq
18 May 2022
Vietnam News | The art of coffee
16 May 2022
Paralyzed Chinese painter: "It's so nice to live!"
15 May 2022
Remembering Yusof Gajah: A special tribute to the well-beloved artist
16 Apr 2022
Fahmi released from police custody
16 Apr 2022
Fahmi Reza called up by cops again over latest drawing
14 Apr 2022
Meet the artist behind Datuk Seri Vida’s ‘Ku Ikhlaskan’ music video
31 Mar 2022
Russian and Ukrainian promote peace through art in Bali
23 Mar 2022
Qixi village, a model for rural vitalization in China's Zhongshan
20 Mar 2022
Gymnastics darling Farah bids goodbye
12 Mar 2022
Malaysian artist Yusof Gajah, known for his elephant-themed paintings, dies aged 68
9 Mar 2022
Chinese artist greets Beijing Winter Olympics with gourd pyrography
13 Feb 2022
Nigerian artist paints portraits on her body
5 Feb 2022
Folk artists in north China celebrate Lunar New Year, Winter Olympics
2 Feb 2022
Malaysian artist Azzah Sultan showcases artwork on classic Malay folk tale in New York
1 Feb 2022
Chinese artist makes New Year pictures to celebrate Year of Tiger
26 Jan 2022
Auspicious expressions in paper-cutting art
22 Jan 2022
Chinese artist makes clay tigers to welcome Lunar New Year
19 Jan 2022
Vietnam News | Tiger models for Ho Chi Minh City
13 Jan 2022
Floods: CRSM's GoCare and local artistes help rebuild homes
8 Jan 2022
Story of Jacky Tsai: Merging the best of East and West through art
22 Dec 2021
Disabled entrepreneur Namvinsha Kaur strives to greater heights
21 Dec 2021
Vietnam News | Hello dolly
11 Dec 2021
From rice paper to Japanese metallic paper - artist takes painting to another level
4 Dec 2021
BTS snags top prize at American Music Awards
22 Nov 2021
Venezuelan brings new value to discarded banknotes
13 Nov 2021
NY artist creates 18-foot tall fingernail mosaic
16 Oct 2021
Vietnam News |Life sketches record hustle and bustle of Saigon
29 Aug 2021
Buskers in Shanghai attract young generation to join in
28 Aug 2021
Vietnam News | Saxophonist performs for Covid-19 patients in Ho Chi Minh City
30 Jul 2021
Turkish ceramics artist's fruitful life in changing porcelain capital
24 Jun 2021
Local artist and husband did not jump Covid-19 vaccination queue, says Perak hospital management
27 May 2021
Insight job: Mortuary make-up artist
23 Apr 2021
Chinese robot band inspires remix of hi-tech and tradition
19 Apr 2021
Argentine artist exclusively paints Maradona portraits
17 Apr 2021