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Excavating "treasures" at 1,300-year-old Daming Palace ruins in Xi'an, China
9 Oct 2021
‘Dinosaur dance floor’ discovered in east China's Fujian
14 Apr 2021
Artefacts linked to Melaka Sultanate sent to US for tests
2 Apr 2021
New Sanxingdui discoveries essential for knowledge of history, says Italian archaeologist
31 Mar 2021
Large number of dinosaur footprints discovered in east China
13 Jan 2021
Ancient artefacts found off Pulau Melaka
18 Sep 2020
Chinese artefacts discovered for the first time in Sungai Pahang, Pekan
14 Aug 2020
Ancient 'Acropolis of the sea' opens to divers, guarded by high tech
31 Jul 2020
Egypt reveals artefacts, mummy from tombs in Luxor
10 Dec 2017