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Elephant recovers after tusk surgery in Tbilisi zoo
6 Nov 2018
Broken rice worth RM200,000 seized in Kedah
11 Oct 2018
New baby zebra debuts at Lost World of Tambun
6 Oct 2018
Customs Dept rescues 435 exotic animals from traffickers
22 Sep 2018
Suspected cat killers claim trial to causing its death at launderette
20 Sep 2018
Two out of three who killed stray cat in launderette dryer arrested
14 Sep 2018
Two out of three who killed stray cat in launderette dryer arrested
14 Sep 2018
Do you know these cat killers?
12 Sep 2018
Do you know... about the tapir?
4 Sep 2018
Runaway bull leads Bomba on merry 4km chase
21 Aug 2018
Ice lollipops for Beijing zoo animals to cool down heatwave
5 Aug 2018
PAWS: Malay girls are first year veterinary students
3 Jul 2018
Cat lovers bring cheer to less fortunate children
10 Jun 2018
Orphan elephant calf adopted by famed former English goalkeeper
5 Jun 2018
Tanti Kitten Rescuer
1 Jun 2018
Cat saved after suspectedly thrown into river
15 May 2018
Kenya marks rhinos in conservation drive
6 Apr 2018
Cows rescued from falling into tarmac pits
5 Apr 2018
Ambassadors bless births of two elephant newborns in Thailand
5 Apr 2018
Releasing animals back to the wild
3 Apr 2018
Dogs and cats rescued after trapped inside home for two months
2 Apr 2018
Short film condemns recent poaching case in Thailand
21 Mar 2018
Finance Ministry says BR1M is a ‘gift’ to those who need it
7 Mar 2018
Animal lovers unhappy with Penang city council’s mishandling of dogs
2 Mar 2018
Temple decorated with animal skeleton
26 Feb 2018
Do you know ... about the Year of the Dog?
13 Feb 2018
Thai millionaire CEO caught red-handed illegally poaching
8 Feb 2018
Rabies claims life of 59-year-old man
5 Feb 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Beehive fence used in Thailand to deter wild elephants
2 Feb 2018
Duo who dragged dog for 2.3km slapped with enhanced sentence
2 Feb 2018
Happy reunion for Furby and his owner
25 Jan 2018
Fuzzy cats steal spotlight at PALOF 2018
23 Jan 2018
Will your Zodiac be lucky this year?
22 Jan 2018
Xing Xing-Liang Liang's second cub is a girl
20 Jan 2018
Do you know ... what the most dangerous animals in the world are?
16 Jan 2018
2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog
16 Jan 2018
Animal-friendly cafe
4 Jan 2018
Porsche picks up buffalo by accident
23 Dec 2017
Death of Asiatic bear saddens admirers
21 Dec 2017
A sneak peek of Xiang Xiang, Japan's new panda cub
18 Dec 2017
Man rescues rabbit from California wildfires
8 Dec 2017
Animal farm offers ricefield rats for sale
4 Dec 2017
Thai zoo welcomes latest addition with big party
4 Dec 2017
China seizes a record haul of pangolin scales
30 Nov 2017
Circus tiger breaks loose, injures two children
27 Nov 2017
Cold season in Northeastern Thailand is a good time to observe its wildlife
24 Nov 2017
Trump halts decision on elephant trophy imports after uproar
19 Nov 2017
Rare leopards wandering in Sabah forest during the day
11 Nov 2017
Siberian tiger attacks zookeeper in Russia
7 Nov 2017
Hundreds of turtles show up dead off the coast of El Salvador
4 Nov 2017
Junaidi: Wildlife Preservation Act 2010 to be reviewed
31 Oct 2017
Koran-reciting parrot brings joy to owner
31 Oct 2017
Jumbo rescue
26 Oct 2017
Efforts to help lost tapir end with its death and mutilation
26 Oct 2017
Dwindling flying fox numbers a thorny issue
29 Sep 2017
Adorable black-and-white ball of fur, Nuan Nuan can be a handful
19 Sep 2017
RM80mil of ivory and pangolin scales seized in Sabah
8 Sep 2017