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Algal bloom: DOE finds oxygen levels off Teluk Bahang too low to sustain marine life
30 Aug 2023
Thousands of dead fish found floating at sea after algal bloom near Teluk Bahang
29 Aug 2023
It's not pink guava juice: Pink tide hits Penang again
27 Aug 2023
Sarawak set to produce sustainable aviation fuel through microalgae project, says Abang Jo
10 May 2023
Bright pink algae bloom starts red tide scare in Penang
29 Apr 2023
Eco-friendly baker adds algae to pastries
15 Dec 2021
Boustead targets to improve market capitalisation
19 Apr 2021
Washed up fish carcasses not sign of impending disaster, says Fisheries Dept
4 Jun 2020
Discovering “blue tears” in Kuala Selangor
5 Mar 2019
ASEAN Scoop: Seaweeds earning grower handsome income
20 Apr 2018