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Expats across China celebrate Lantern Festival
26 Feb 2024
Tourists hop on slow train in Shandong for stunning scenic views
24 Feb 2024
China's space station hosts unconventional painting exhibition
24 Feb 2024
Young Chinese strike gold in caring for the silver-haired
21 Feb 2024
British vlogger explores traditional paper-cutting art in Jilin, China
20 Feb 2024
Chinese dragon in their eyes: archaeologists and animation artist
18 Feb 2024
Capture essence of Spring Festival at your fingertips: Making lanterns
17 Feb 2024
Snowmobile adventure in the snowy peaks in Changbai Mountain
15 Feb 2024
Visa-free travel boosts tourism for China, Singapore
14 Feb 2024
Ethnic Yao people make glutinous rice cakes for Lunar New Year
13 Feb 2024
Traditional Miao weddings add joy to Spring Festival
8 Feb 2024
New opportunities in EV industry
8 Feb 2024
Italian chef in China creates fusion dishes for Spring Festival
6 Feb 2024
Maintenance workers safeguard railway bridge in Southwest China amid travel rush
5 Feb 2024
Dutch expat discovers juicy story of sugar orange in South China's Guilin
5 Feb 2024
Lichun: The beginning of Spring
4 Feb 2024
Hong Kong's Mai Po Nature Reserve: An oasis amidst a bustling city
3 Feb 2024
How is highway tunnel constructed above 3,000 meters in China
31 Jan 2024
New job in new era: homestay manager in rural China
30 Jan 2024
Savouring delicacies on high-speed train amid Spring Festival travel rush
30 Jan 2024
Discover the glossy appeal of Shandong's "Chicken Oil" yellow glaze
27 Jan 2024
Wedding bus popular among Chinese newlyweds
25 Jan 2024
Henan cuisine, a hidden gem for wheaten food lover
22 Jan 2024
Winter starry sky covers Yunnan's wetlands
21 Jan 2024
Night school trend grows in China
21 Jan 2024
The picturesque Yellow River wetlands in winter
17 Jan 2024
Singaporean baker's shop in Shenzhen grows
17 Jan 2024
Rural areas in China's Xinjiang develop Australian freshwater crayfish farming
17 Jan 2024
Vlog: Explore cultural odyssey in northeast China's ancient-themed Park
14 Jan 2024
Flying car with Chinese technology grabs spotlight at CES 2024
12 Jan 2024
Exclusive: Living Buddha in new era
11 Jan 2024
The latest addition to a proud family of police dogs in southwest China
10 Jan 2024
High-speed railway boosts economy in Changbai Mountain scenic area
2 Jan 2024
Discover Taicang, the second home to German entrepreneurs
2 Jan 2024
Music as a bridge: U.S. opera singer and her "Zhiyin" friend in China united by music
1 Jan 2024
Hubei Tianmen: A perfect integration of solar energy and fish production
1 Jan 2024
The mesmerising Xingkai Lake
31 Dec 2023
New Year concert in Gongyi Grotto Temple of China's Henan
30 Dec 2023
Demand rises for Chinese fruits in Central Asia, other countries before New Year
30 Dec 2023
Reserve an ideal home for endangered monkey
28 Dec 2023
Winter tourism thrives in China's "ice city"
26 Dec 2023
Drone delivery favorable among Shenzhen foodies
25 Dec 2023
Tesla's new mega factory project in Shanghai officially launched
23 Dec 2023
Pakistan exports first shipment of red chilies to China in CPEC agriculture cooperation
22 Dec 2023
China steps up disaster relief to quake-hit regions
19 Dec 2023
Countermeasures taken to ensure stable power supply amid cold wave in China
18 Dec 2023
Bernama, Xinhua step up cooperation ahead of M'sia and China's 50th year of diplomatic ties
18 Dec 2023
Deepening reform for benefits of all: affordable, accessible medical services for rural areas
17 Dec 2023
Rural Art Style: A famed hub of sketching
16 Dec 2023
Traditional Chinese opera renaissance
10 Dec 2023
World Media Summit participants explore charm of China's ‘Spring City’
9 Dec 2023
China-Europe media cooperation helps address climate change, says Austrian media insider
8 Dec 2023
World's deepest, largest underground lab operational in China
7 Dec 2023
Vlog: Traverse Baling River Bridge in southwest China's Guizhou
5 Dec 2023
High-speed railway opens to traffic in west China
2 Dec 2023
China's new visa-free policy applauded by Europeans
1 Dec 2023
American teacher shares her experience in China's Foshan
1 Dec 2023
Canadian expat explores booming flower and tree industry in S. China
23 Nov 2023
Remains of 25 Chinese soldiers killed in Korean War casketed in S. Korea
22 Nov 2023
Beautiful oriental white storks grace Jiangsu wetlands
19 Nov 2023
Football match at Buddha relics site in Afghanistan promotes relic protection
15 Nov 2023
Xinjiang cotton - the epitome of modern agriculture
14 Nov 2023
How US residents see China-America ties
14 Nov 2023
Nightlife after working hours in Shenzhen
13 Nov 2023
Gorgeous aurora illuminates China's northernmost city
12 Nov 2023
Autumn arrives at the Great Wall
11 Nov 2023
China's driverless tech takes on "Double Eleven" shopping frenzy
10 Nov 2023
Magnificent autumn scenery in China
10 Nov 2023
A wealth of knowledge inscribed on teapots
8 Nov 2023
Thai durians board ‘special train’ to China
6 Nov 2023
When traditional Chinese pickle meets Mexican taco
6 Nov 2023
A glimpse of traditional papermaking in east China
4 Nov 2023
A vibrant city on ancient Silk Road - Kashgar in the eyes of foreigners
2 Nov 2023
20 crested ibises released into the wild in east China
2 Nov 2023
Night school increasingly popular among young people in Shanghai
31 Oct 2023
2023 Tencent Science WE Summit hosted in Beijing
29 Oct 2023
Pakistan, China join hands to augment wheat production, enhance food security
27 Oct 2023
CIIE a great platform for cooperation, say Indonesian exhibitors
27 Oct 2023
A look at Shenzhou-17 manned spaceship launch in 90 seconds
26 Oct 2023
Gama Valley: Largest virgin forest in Tibet
22 Oct 2023
Laos teachers, students on study tour of China
19 Oct 2023
Nature photographers capture insect world
15 Oct 2023
Exploring 5,000-year-old Neolithic city in central China
10 Oct 2023
China Daily | The golden friendship of diving champions
10 Oct 2023
Crafting the perfect noodles: A culinary journey from the Yellow River to the desert
9 Oct 2023
Xinhua Special: Uncover Chinese wisdom at UNESCO heritage site Wudang Mountains
8 Oct 2023
Volunteers, staff make attendees at Hangzhou Asiad feel at home
7 Oct 2023
Immersive drama wows visitors at museum in China's Tianjin
4 Oct 2023
China's eight-day National Day holiday sparks travel, consumption frenzy
1 Oct 2023
China's Miao embroidery makes Milan Fashion Week debut
27 Sep 2023
How to practice zero waste at Hangzhou Asian Games
27 Sep 2023
Grand opening ceremony of Asian Games wows foreign guests
24 Sep 2023
PLA navy rescues wounded Philippine fishermen
24 Sep 2023
Sixth China-Arab States Expo kicks off in northwest China
23 Sep 2023
Chinese manufacturing praised by foreign envoys
20 Sep 2023
Echoes of Jingmai: New UNESCO jewel amidst ancient tea forests
20 Sep 2023
Fruit trade flourishes amid growing China-ASEAN cooperation
19 Sep 2023
Beijing's timeless stage: Unraveling the Zhengyici Temple Theatre legacy
15 Sep 2023