UNHCR officer killed in stampede

Published on 17 Apr 2017 7:05:50 PM

An UNHCR officer was killed after she was stepped on by wild elephants in Tak, Thailand.
The woman was riding a motorbike with her husband to visit their relatives during the Thai New Year holiday when they saw a herd of five to six wild elephants running towards them.
Panicking, the couple left their motorbike and ran for their lives.
The wife, however, tripped and fell to the ground.
She sustained injuries to her face, head and arm by the approaching elephants.
An emergency medical team arrived at the scene some 30 minutes later to perform CPR while villagers and hill tribe people who witnessed the incident were in shock.
She was brought to a hospital but could not be saved.
It was reported that villagers avoided that route out of fear of the wild elephants.