Township encourages its residents to use baskets instead of plastic bags

Published on 16 May 2017 3:38:04 PM

A large number of villagers in Chaiyaphum, Thailand are using baskets made of bamboo in place of plastic bags under a campaign aimed at reducing the amount of garbage produced by the province.
The campaign is said to help preserve the environment as plastic takes a colossal amount of petrochemical materials to produce and hundreds of years to degrade.
This township in Chaiyaphum faced several issues regarding garbage disposal, including the absence of garbage trucks to a high volume of daily waste.
Plastic comprised of a large proportion of the township’s daily waste, leading community leaders to encourage villagers to use bamboo baskets when shopping to reduce the use of plastic bags.
Under the campaign, each household is encouraged to either make or buy at least one basket per home.
Villagers are also encouraged to ride bicycles to the markets or to any other destinations that are a short distance away instead of using motorcycles or cars in order to protect the environment.