Ten licensed companies to supply paddy seeds under IBPS, says agriculture ministry

Published on 22 Dec 2020 7:17:10 PM

The Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry, through the National Farmers Organisation (NAFAS), will purchase certified paddy seeds from 10 licensed companies that have been identified for the Certified Paddy Seed Incentive (IBPS) programe.

After launching the Certified Paddy Seed Distribution programme in Tanjong Karang, Selangor on Tuesday, Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said NAFAS, as the sole wholesaler in the programme, can also appoint registered agents to supply certified seeds in areas involved in paddy cultivation activities throughout the country.

NAFAS also said it is ready to become the sole wholesaler to supply certified paddy seeds to farmers with a ceiling price of RM35 per 20kg set by the ministry.

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