Teens litter woods with condoms and underwear after sexual trysts

Published on 9 May 2017 8:55:43 PM

The authorities in Maha Sarakham, Thailand are mulling cutting down the woods in the area as it has become a place for sexual trysts among teenagers in the province.
The teenagers have been “littering” the area with hundreds of underwear and condoms, sparking concern from parents and the authorities who regard such behaviour as a disgrace.
The authorities are currently monitoring the area to ensure no teenage lovers use it as a venue for their sexual rendezvous while looking for the land’s owner for permission to cut it down.
The area was initially known among young gay men as a place for sexual relations when photos of their underwear littered in the area were shared on Twitter some two years ago.
However, the area soon became known among both sexes as a venue for sex, distressing both parents and the authorities who fear the land may also be used as a place for teens to take drugs or become victims of rape.