Perak Opposition stages walkout after motion on Mentri Besar Inc is allowed

Published on 24 Jul 2019 6:13:41 PM

All 28 Opposition assemblymen on Wednesday staged a walkout after disagreeing with a motion that the improvements to the Mentri Besar Incorporated (MB Inc), based on a probe on how it was run by the previous state administration, be debated in the state assembly.

The motion, by Malim Nawar assemblyman Leong Cheok Keng, who is also the Perak Public Accounts Committee chairman, was passed with the support of 31 assemblymen.

During the debate, Leong said the investigation carried out by the committee found several weaknesses and errors in the management and administration of MB Inc when it was managed by the Perak administration before the 14th General Election.

At the end of the session, Speaker Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham reprimanded the former management for mismanaging, errors and weaknesses in running the government-linked company and made a ruling that yearly audit reports must be conducted and presented to the assembly.