Ops Club Rats: Police raid 22 nightclubs, arrest 429 including a police officer

Published on 30 Sep 2019 5:41:35 PM

Police raided 22 nightclubs in the past two days and arrested 429 people in an operation dubbed “Ops Club Rats”to combat domestic drug problems.

Bukit Aman NCID Director Comm Datuk Mohd Khalil Kader said that during a press conference on Monday, adding that police inspected a total of 1,350 people during the raids, of which 275 did not past the urine test, while 154 people including 35 foreigners were charged with drug possession.

The NCID Director also said a 27-year-old police constable was among those arrested and police had suspended the business license of 22 nightclubs following the raids.