On Parliament Speaker to be replaced, Annuar Musa says it’s nothing unusual

Published on 30 Jun 2020 3:02:38 PM

Commenting on the Perikatan Nasional administration's attempt to "remove" Speaker Tan Sri Mohd Ariff Md Yusof and Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming in Parliament, Barisan Nasional secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa said this was a normal process.

Annuar, who is also Ketereh MP, said that on Tuesday, adding that the new speaker chosen must command the support of the assembly by a simple majority.

Asked if Azhar’s personal relationship with Attorney General Tan Sri Idrus Harun had any bearing on the speculated appointment, Annuar said it was unfair to assume such, as Azhar had served well in the EC.

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