Laotian singer strives to rock on

Published on 2 Jun 2017 4:45:57 PM

Lao singer Sak Athisak who used to be part of a band called Saeo is now working on his solo career.
While the band is defunct, they catapulted to fame over 10 years ago thanks to their hit song “Wan” which also made them popular in Thailand.
According to Athisak, the group was formed by a group of high school friends who loved music.
They joined a singing competition and was later asked to join the music industry.
While the band members have parted ways, the lead singer recently released his own work called “Sak Saeo” which he said was well received.
Athisak added that he still sings at nightclubs and performs at large concerts.
He also performs in Thailand from time to time.
Athisak explained that it is difficult to become a full-time singer in Laos as they do not earn enough to survive.