How "Spot" is helping young people talk about sex | R.AGE Documentary

Published on 22 Dec 2023 9:08:01 PM

"We are ever evolving in our quest to remove embarrassment, stigma and fear around sexuality education," says Siti Aishah, the founder of Spot. Spot is a Malaysian NGO that provides workshops for young people, on a range of sexual health topics. Aishah and her team of volunteers have already taught more than 20,000 school children.

Aishah got started in this field to help protect children against sexual violence. Dr Rabiathul Badariah, a UNFPA certified comprehensive sexuality education trainer, points out that statistics show sexual crimes are on the rise amongst children.

Watch to find out what young people they really want to learn, how the school syllabus is improving and what are the obstacles to a healthy social understanding of sexual and reproductive health.

Video produced by @TheFourth