Hell hath no fury like an angry wife

Published on 16 May 2017 3:38:03 PM

A woman who was driving in Pathum Thani, Thailand and spotted her husband driving in another car with his alleged mistress gave chase and damaged several vehicles and injured several others in the process.
The woman was driving in a black Toyota Fortuner while her husband drove a white Mercedes Benz.
The news made headlines in Thailand with many social media users either sympathising with her plight or criticising her for her selfish actions.
According to news reports, the woman had secretly planted a GPS tracker in her husband’s vehicle.
She had not only caused heavy traffic in northern Bangkok but also damaged three vehicles in the process.
Her husband’s alleged mistress suffered a broken arm while she and her husband sustained minor injuries.
The identities of the three individuals were withheld at their request.
They are reportedly from a wealthy family.