Fuziah Salleh calls for Lynas to send radioactive waste back to Australia

Published on 5 Dec 2018 9:04:27 PM

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh has asked Lynas to stop bullying locals and send its radioactive waste back to Australia after a report showed that it had contaminated ground water with cancerous materials.

She said that radioactive waste from the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) has harmed her constituency, Kuantan, and its people, that she has consistently insisted that the radioactive waste should not have been allowed to be kept at the factory site as it is harmful to the environment and the people's health.

Fuziah added that nickel and chromium were substances that could trigger cancer and added that the report proved that the storage of radioactive waste at the LAMP site has contaminated ground water.

"I am angry, sad and disappointed. Imagine, for so long we have allowed them to store their waste on-site and now it is proven that their waste has migrated into the water.
"Based on the report by the review committee, I fear for the people.

"We don't want (to wait) 20 years down the road and then suddenly we say there is an increase in cancer. Who will pay for it?," she told reporters in a press conference in Parliament on Wednesday.

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