FCX: The Star2 Game Show – "OlaBola" Football Edition

Published on 28 Jan 2016 7:14:41 PM

It's the Star2 Game Show!

In this episode, the cast of the movie "OlaBola" get tested on their knowledge about the world of football. Meet our contestants Luqman Hafidz, JC Chee and Saran Kumar!

In "OlaBola", the three play footballers in Malaysia's national team in the 1980s. The movie was inspired by real events, particularly when Malaysia qualified for the 1980 Olympics. However, the team was forced to miss the Games when Malaysia boycotted the host country, Russia, because of the Soviet War in Afghanistan.

For more on the cast on "OlaBola" and the director, Chiu Keng Guan (who also directed the acclaimed box-office hit "The Journey"), click on the Star2.com link below.

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