FCX: The Sexy Side Of Bagpipes Feat 'The First Piper' Ross OC Jennings

Published on 23 May 2016 4:33:22 PM

Features Central Exclusive asks Ross OC Jennings a.k.a. The First Piper:

#1. How many euphemisms can you make with the bagpipes? (Quite a few, obviously)

#2. What’s the sexiest thing you've done with your pipes? (Not much, unfortunately)

#3. How much do you know about the most famous pipers in the world? (The Hot Piping Quiz, featuring Billie Piper, Piper Laurie, Piper Halliwell, sandpipers, the New Zealand piper, Moroccan pipes, Peter Piper and the Pied Piper).


Ross OC Jennings is on a mission to be ‘The First Piper’ – hence his chosen title – to blow his bagpipes in every country in the world. That’s 195 nations (196 if you count Taiwan), and since he started his journey in 2014 with a Tunisian visit, Malaysia has become destination #46. In April 2016, the Irish-Scottish 26-year-old climbed up Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, fastened his kilt, and played with his instrument.

In his youth, the bagpipes presented itself as a curious musical pursuit, which made him something of a cool nerd. “I’m pleased that from being the only student who took up the instrument in school, I influenced a few juniors to follow suit,” he says. It also earned him invitations to whip out his pipes at weddings (“Great!”) and funerals (“Depressing”).

But Jennings’ real task is how to thrust his fame into educating the kids. “I want to tell them it’s all right to be weird and do whatever you want in life,” he says. For example, his trips have taught him life lessons like how to never feel lonely or alone on the road. “The onus is on me to talk to the people next to me.” Of course, his bagpipes has helped turn strangers into friends. “It can make the grumpiest policeman smile.”

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