FCX: Team Couch Potato vs Gunung Datuk – The Battle

Published on 9 Sep 2015 12:39:07 PM

This is the story of four Star2 journalists – Nadine Fernandez, Nasa Maria Entaban, Jerome Kugan and Terence Toh – who took the Star2 Monthly Challenge in May 2015 to climb Gunung Datuk in Negri Sembilan.

It's a tale of four couch potatoes who traded in their sedentary lifestyles for an adventure that left them panting, wheezing and on the verge of collapse. But they never gave up, and took the mountain’s punishing slopes and torturous trails in stride – and sometimes in song and silly jokes.

This is a story about people pushing beyond their perceived limitations, to emerge on the other side with pride and a sense of accomplishment. “Take that, Gunung Datuk! You’re not the boss of me!” Terence Toh huffed and puffed between gasping for breath.

Finally, this is about four people who went up a mountain and came down victorious. “Gunung Datuk is conquered!” yelled Jerome at the mountain’s summit. Indeed.

Watch out for the moment they meet a Star2 reader on the mountainside (3:00), who was inspired to take up the Star2 Monthly Challenge himself after reading about Team Couch Potato's struggle and determination, and watching their training hike video.

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