FCX: TAG Heuer Builds Singapore’s First Floating Tennis Court

Published on 24 Nov 2015 4:40:52 PM

TAG Heuer has built Singapore’s first floating tennis court and parked it at Clifford Pier, off Fullerton Bay Hotel.

This isn't the first novelty court in tennis, and it may never see a Grand Slam played on it, but for the launch of TAG Heuer's Limited Edition SG50 Aquaracer, two Grand Slam stars played an exhibition match on the floating court.

Five-time Grand Slam champ Maria Sharapova took on Michael Chang, the youngest French Open winner ever, and the 28-year-old Russian practically sank the 43-year-old American. But the real star of the game was that amazing tennis court. Watch!

To read more about Maria Sharapova, click on the Star2.com link below.