FCX: Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden, The Final Frontier For Your Pets

Published on 2 Sep 2015 8:07:44 PM

Most families bury deceased pets on their own properties, typically in the garden. But pet cemeteries can offer other burial options: specially designed pet caskets or vaults; or cremation, after which the remains can be saved in an urn or scattered.

In Malaysia, more and more pet owners are seeking proper send-offs for their extended family members. Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden in Semenyih, which opened eight years ago, has since become the final resting place of choice for these animals.

We asked pet owner Casey Liew why he spent thousands of ringgit to book a place for his cat, Creamy. “We purchase these sort of plots for our parents, but my cat is part of my family already, so it’s better to have a good resting place for her, so I can visit her in a beautiful environment.”

For the record, Creamy is still alive.