FCX: MasterChef Asia Judges Take On Our Blind Food Taste Test

Published on 9 Sep 2015 12:28:40 PM

Over the course of 13 episodes, MasterChef Asia's three judges – Hong Kong-born, culinary genius Susur Lee; 3-Michelin starred chef Bruno Ménard; and culinary TV personality and Singapore-born, Audra Morrice, a MasterChef Australia finalist – will decide who is the region's top home cook.

The debut season of Asia's own MasterChef series, one of most successful cooking challenge shows in TV history, will test the kitchen skills of amateur chefs from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and India, to see who becomes the flavour of the year.

But can these judges, who make their living knowing everything about good taste, tell what they're eating if they can't see what they're putting into their mouths?

Star2 put chefs Bruno, Susur and Audra through a blind taste test of some common – and some unique – Malaysian eats and treats, and then asked them to name that food! The winner of this mystery box challenge is...

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