FCX: Karmin Takes The Hardest Sad Love Songs Pop Quiz Ever

Published on 22 Oct 2016 2:58:22 PM

Features Central Exclusive presents the third and final part of our special video interview with US pop duo Karmin.

In this episode, 'Brokenhearted' hitmakers Nick and Amy Noonan are put through the hardest sad love song pop quiz EVER. Find out how much they really know about the greatest break-up anthems every recorded. Their challenge: They must name that song and the singer just by listening to their heartbreaking lyrics... without the music.

And don't miss Part 2 of our exclusive mini-series. Interviewer Aisya Yusri gets the Noonans to offer tips on the best (and worst) ways to dump a lover, the ONLY way to get over a bad romance, and five songs to listen to at the end of a love affair.

Plus, we tell Karmin three stories about the most shocking splits in pop culture, and they must guess who is the owner of that lonely heart.

Don't forget to catch Part 1 as well, where Nick and Amy give us some solid relationship advice about dating (the three-day rule), marriage (how to pop the big question and when to get the ring), and making sweet music together as husband and wife.

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