FCX: Eating Hornets, Fertilised Duck Egg & Crocodile Penis (#SquealMeal)

Published on 19 Nov 2015 12:55:08 AM

Star2 food writer Abirami Durai takes on the Star2 Monthly Challenge, #SquealMeal, and attempts to eat three things she can live without – fried hornet and larvae (a snack from Kelantan), balut (a Filipino delicacy that's actually a fertilised duck egg), and crocodile head and penis.

To read more about her experience, click on the Star2.com link below. To take part in this Star2 Monthly Challenge, just record a short video of you attempting to eat something you normally wouldn't, and post it (along with a description) on our Star2.com Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/star2dotcom/. Don't forget to hashtag #Star2MonthlyChallenge and #SquealMeal.

Some general rules apply. Do not attempt to eat protected or endangered animals. Product placements and service promotions are also not allowed. And keep it clean. Bon appétit!