FCX: Eating Fish Eyes, Chicken Feet & Blood Tofu (#SquealMeal)

Published on 12 Nov 2015 12:11:21 PM

Star2 food writer Louisa Lim takes on the Star2 Monthly Challenge, #SquealMeal, and attempts to eat three things she can live without – squishy fish eyes, whole chicken feet and pig blood curd.

To read more about her experience, click on the Star2.com link below.

To take part in this Star2 Monthly Challenge, just record a short video of you attempting to eat something you normally wouldn't, and post it (along with a description) on our Star2.com Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/star2dotcom/. Don't forget to hashtag #Star2MonthlyChallenge and #SquealMeal.

Some general rules apply. Do not attempt to eat exotic or endangered animals, Product placements and service promotions are also not allowed. And keep it clean. Bon appétit!