Cleaner toilets across government offices in Thailand

Published on 4 Mar 2016 1:47:02 PM

Toilets in government offices in Thailand are notorious for being filthy but a new hygiene standard adopted across the country is not only bringing cleaner toilets to the Thais but also a wave of relief.
An example of the initiative includes a scheme called "HAS," which sees a facelift to Lampang’s government complex’s 32-unit lavatory facility which is equipped with new equipments and sufficient toilet supplies.
Governor Samart Loifa says that music is played along through the newly-installed loudspeakers in the washroom to entertain users while there is no need to worry about running out of toilet paper as it is well-stocked.
An initiative by the Public Health Ministry, "HAS" is aimed at improving the hygiene standards of toilets for free use throughout the country, beginning from those located on government premises, private properties and also tourist locations.
The acronym HAS consists of H for healthy, which means good hygiene and odour-free atmosphere; A for accessibility, which means easy access for the disabled or elderly individuals; and S for safety, which means hazard-free service and proper locations free of all dangers and crimes.