Bogor's Eco Music Camp

Published on 1 Jul 2016 1:22:07 PM

Eco Music Camp 2016, a local festival held from June 2 to 5 at Halimun-Salak Mountain National Forest, Bogor, West Java. The event, held in conjunction with World Environment Day, was attended by some 300 music and environmental enthusiasts from around the world.

According to Franki Raden, director of Eco Music Camp 2016, there will be around 100 musicians from countries including Vietnam, the United States, Hungary, and Africa performing at the event. Aside from music performances, Eco Music Camp also features discussions, scientific presentations, and film screenings.

Franki said, “We are voicing our environmental concerns. Every country has an interest in this global issue. So, we are aiming for more representatives from other countries to be present in West Java.”

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