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Melaka food peddler claims trial to 10 charges of unnatural sex, molest of teen boys
19 Feb 2024
Two cops charged in rape and extortion case
17 Jan 2024
Singaporean pleads not guilty to sexually abusing students in Melaka religious school
17 May 2023
Preacher slapped with nine counts of rape, sexual assault
29 Nov 2022
Man gets 428 years' jail, 240 lashes, for raping daughters and threatening wife
20 Sep 2022
Father of two gets nine years' jail, whipping for forcing unnatural sex on 13-year-old girl
1 Jul 2022
Senior citizen in the dock for ‘raping’ cat, causing its death
25 Apr 2022
Senior citizen jailed six years for sex with animal
24 Dec 2021
287 unnatural sex cases recorded between Jan 2019 and Nov 2021
15 Dec 2021
Senior citizen accused of having unnatural sex with goat
25 Nov 2021
Senior citizen remanded for allegedly committing bestiality with a goat
29 Jul 2021
Religious teacher pleads not guilty to sodomy charges
24 Mar 2021
Man charged with unnatural sex fails in bid to remain anonymous
6 Oct 2020
M'sia must not bow to international pressure on LGBT issues, says Anwar
15 May 2019