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Another MP ejected from Parliament after war of words
6 Nov 2023
Afghan earthquakes kill more than 2,000, Taliban say
9 Oct 2023
No need to worry about 'green wave', Perikatan govt will be fair to all, says Muhyiddin
15 Jul 2023
PAS not linked to Taliban, says Kapar MP
14 Feb 2023
A year after Kabul escape, family remains apart
13 Aug 2022
Taliban orders girl high schools remain closed, leaving students in tears
24 Mar 2022
Security in Afghanistan improving while economic challenges remain
15 Feb 2022
Afghan girls, women desperate to get back to class
3 Nov 2021
G20 leaders pledge support for Afghanistan
13 Oct 2021
Saifuddin: M'sia supports peace efforts in Afghanistan
21 Sep 2021
Kabul hospitals face looming medical supply shortage
17 Sep 2021
Exiled Ghani apologises to Afghan people
9 Sep 2021
Suicide bomber attacks checkpoint in Pakistan’s Quetta, kills at least three
5 Sep 2021
Malaysia taking cautious approach over its stand on Taliban government
1 Sep 2021
US leaves Afghanistan after 20-year war
31 Aug 2021
US military begins withdrawal from Kabul airport
29 Aug 2021
Blame 'presence of foreign forces' - Taliban official
27 Aug 2021
'It was time to end a 20-year war' - Biden
27 Aug 2021
Afghans continue endless wait outside Kabul airport, some standing in knee-deep water and trash
25 Aug 2021
US reaffirms commitment for cooperation and freedom of navigation in Indo-Pacific
23 Aug 2021
From Kabul to Bilbao: Afghan basketball star tells her story
23 Aug 2021
US says ‘plenty of time' to analyse Afghanistan events later, evacuations remain priority
23 Aug 2021
Indonesia moves Afghan diplomatic mission to Pakistan, evacuates dozens
21 Aug 2021
Anti-Taliban protests in Jalalabad turn deadly
19 Aug 2021
Taliban show conciliatory face at first Kabul news conference
18 Aug 2021
Evacuations of foreigners and Afghans from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan underway
17 Aug 2021
UN has secured assurances from the Taliban, says envoy
17 Aug 2021
UN calls for end to 'chilling' abuses in Afghanistan
17 Aug 2021
Taliban declares 'war is over', chaos engulfs airport
16 Aug 2021
Taliban return to power as president flees Kabul
16 Aug 2021
US troops to aid evacuation in Afghanistan
13 Aug 2021
US officials warn Americans to leave Afghanistan immediately
10 Aug 2021
Newborns among dead in Kabul hospital attack
13 May 2020
Suicide blast in Afghan capital kills six
12 Feb 2020
Afghan wedding suicide blast kills 63, wounds 182 - ministry
18 Aug 2019
“I will not apologise to Nga,” Khairy on Taliban issue
30 Mar 2019
Deputy Speaker Nga suspends Noh Omar from Parliament for three days
19 Mar 2019
Ruckus in Parliament after Umno MP says DAP received communist support in the past
18 Mar 2019
They fear the Umno-PAS collab might topple Pakatan, says Ismail Sabri
13 Mar 2019
It's not illogical for non-Muslims to feel threatened by Umno-PAS collaboration, says Khalid Samad
13 Mar 2019
Umno-PAS collab is a threat to the country, says Stampin MP
13 Mar 2019
PAS stands together with non-Muslims
10 Mar 2019
Malala makes emotional return to old home in Pakistan
1 Apr 2018
Scores dead in Kabul bomb attack
27 Jan 2018
Afghan forces end deadly 13 hour Kabul hotel siege
21 Jan 2018
Nine killed as Taliban disguised in burqas attack Pakistani college
1 Dec 2017
Musharraf declared fugitive in Bhutto murder case
1 Sep 2017