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North Korea's first lady cries next to Kim at Korean War armistice anniversary event
28 Jul 2022
Vietnam News | A good old-fashioned sing-along in Hanoi
21 Jul 2022
Justice Walk: Crowd disperse after singing Negaraku
17 Jun 2022
#TangkapAzamBaki demo: Protestors disperse after singing national anthem
22 Jan 2022
"Monkey King" sings  to wild macaques
16 Nov 2021
Qinqiang opera: Practice makes perfect
17 Aug 2021
Meet traditional Tibetan opera
14 Aug 2021
Woman puts on a mobile concert to cheer up residents in enhanced MCO areas
9 Jul 2021
Singing across two continents for Christmas
25 Dec 2020
Music therapy helps those under quarantine to de-stress
19 Nov 2020
The singing gibbons from China's Hainan island
2 Nov 2020
Music session breathes new life to seniors during recovery MCO
10 Sep 2020
Bayern complete treble with Champions League win
24 Aug 2020
Cuba's rising opera star entertains neighbours during quarantine
3 Jun 2020
Malaysian sings for her London neighbours
10 May 2020
Lawyer Kamal Chopra wins Best International Artist title
18 Dec 2019
Najib: Umno must be disciplined, or there will be chaos
6 Dec 2019
Singing in the park: Malaysians unite to sing patriotic songs
18 Aug 2019
Tun Siti sings ‘Hijau” with Zainal Abidin
20 Apr 2019
Singing praises of Jalur Gemilang
15 Sep 2018
Teenage singer enjoys performing again after one-year hiatus
9 Jul 2018
Interview with Abby Simone
7 Jul 2018
Najib and Rosmah sing songs at Hari Raya party
27 Jun 2018
Overcoming odds to find her voice
24 Mar 2018
Iman “sings” again
11 Jan 2018
All-rounder Malaysian Cadet making waves as one of US naval academy top cadets
5 Jan 2018
Isa Samad's karaoke video goes viral
29 Dec 2017
Senior citizen wins folk games in Chon Buri
9 Oct 2017
Filipino pop stars give preview of concert to mark Asean’s 50th year
8 Aug 2017
Zebra dove owner from Pattani wins bird singing contest
6 Mar 2017
Star2.com Exclusive: Mongolian children find new life through singing
23 Mar 2016