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Canadian Catholic bishops apologise for role in indigenous residential schools
26 Sep 2021
The Straits Times | Singaporean start-up turns bread into beer in Japan
3 Jul 2021
Japanese town spends coronavirus relief money on giant squid statue
6 May 2021
Cops cripple 'Geng 21' in Johor
2 Mar 2021
South Korea's notorious child sex offender released from prison amid outrage
12 Dec 2020
Notorious Khmer Rouge prison commander Comrade Duch dead at 77
2 Sep 2020
Japan minister takes paternity leave in rare move
17 Jan 2020
Police bust ‘Emi Keju’ gang responsible for serial robberies
15 Aug 2019
White supremacist executed in Texas for dragging death of black man
25 Apr 2019
Indonesia jailhouse rocks with inmate band contest
25 Nov 2018
Gang 04 members charged for a series of alleged crimes
20 Feb 2018
Perak police cripple Geng 04 and detain 36 suspects
19 Feb 2018
Police bust notorious snatch theft gang
5 Feb 2018
Beijing may be starting to win its battle against smog
30 Dec 2017
Murderous cult leader Charles Manson dies at 83
20 Nov 2017
Colour in Thailand back after a year of mourning for late King
31 Oct 2017
Courage to Change: Getting enlightened from behind bars
22 Aug 2016