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Anwar backs Home Minister’s Umno-ROS decision
9 Mar 2023
Takiyuddin questions if Home Minister vetoed ROS decision
7 Mar 2023
Zahid says confident of positive outcome from ROS over no-contest motion in Umno issue
15 Feb 2023
ROS confirms Umno's no contest motion did not breach any rules, regulations, says Ahmad Maslan
31 Jan 2023
We will leave it to ROS, says Ismail Sabri
22 Jan 2023
No-contest decision will affect youths' confidence in Umno, says Ismail Sabri
14 Jan 2023
No-contest decision final, adheres to Umno constitution, says Zahid
14 Jan 2023
Tok Mat says he was surprised Rembau division proposed no-contest motion
14 Jan 2023
Umno assembly gives nod to no-contest motion, Zahid, Tok Mat to remain party's top two
14 Jan 2023
KJ claims 'Dewan Merdeka Move' aims to bulldoze no-contest motion for Umno's top two
14 Jan 2023
Umno AGM: No-contest motion for top two Umno posts approved
8 Dec 2017