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EP14: Is vasectomy safe? | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
8 May 2020
Gardener jailed for burning stepdaughter with hot knife
26 Feb 2020
Pro-Beijing politician wounded in Hong Kong knife attack
6 Nov 2019
HK politician's ear partly bitten off as clash ends in bloodbath
4 Nov 2019
Singaporean man charged with gruesome murder of wife and stepson
24 Oct 2019
Hong Kong human rights leader attacked by armed men
17 Oct 2019
Three people injured in knife attack at Lennon Wall in Hong Kong
20 Aug 2019
Brits helped restrain Sydney attacker
14 Aug 2019
Underwear-clad man challenges Sibu motorists to fight
28 Jun 2019
Two killed, 15 schoolgirls injured in Japan stabbing - NHK
28 May 2019
Man loses cool, chases cop with a knife in Klang
2 Apr 2019
Bangladeshi pleads guilty to slashing ex-girlfriend’s face
22 Feb 2019
Abu Sayyaf terrorists threatening lives of Malaysian and two Indonesians
20 Feb 2019
Strasbourg gunman at large after killing three in Christmas market
13 Dec 2018
Man shot dead after attacking cop near Komtar
23 Nov 2018
Knife-wielding woman injures 14 in China kindergarten attack
26 Oct 2018
Murder weapon sought in murder of three-year-old girl; suspect remanded
19 Jun 2018
One person killed in Paris knife attack, attacker shot dead
13 May 2018
Cow, ox to marry as survivors from butcher's knife
10 Apr 2018
Four people seriously wounded in Vienna knife attacks
8 Mar 2018
Woman stabbed to death at Massachusetts library
26 Feb 2018
Man arrested for armed robbery after stand-off with officers in Singapore
5 Jan 2018
Second chance for girl who suffers from epileptic seizures
25 Dec 2017
Police shoot knife-wielding man at Amsterdam airport shopping area
16 Dec 2017
Going under the knife to imitate her idol
2 Oct 2017
Five injured in Canada vehicle, stabbing attacks
2 Oct 2017
Man accused of threatening cops to undergo psych evaluation
19 Sep 2017
Belgian knife attacker shot dead
26 Aug 2017
Finland knife attack: Two dead, eight injured
19 Aug 2017
T. Kardin Indonesian knives
22 Dec 2016
Turning Point: Gang attack left him in a coma
24 May 2016