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Sunway, Celcom and Huawei to advance smart township solutions with IoT, 5G and AI
9 Jul 2020
The Jakarta Post | Pandemic no match for Indonesia's door-to-door teachers
27 Jun 2020
Treetop student Veveonah keeps her feet on the ground
18 Jun 2020
Ismail Sabri: Internet installation is allowed during MCO
18 Apr 2020
Brazilian narrates family life like a football match
14 Apr 2020
Vietnamese Covid-19 safety dance goes... viral
4 Mar 2020
Sexual Harassment bill to be tabled this year
11 Feb 2020
Mat Sabu tells Muslim nations to embrace technological advancements
20 Dec 2019
Mother of loan shark victim receives “fiery” wake up call
22 Oct 2019
Budget 2020: Broadband access in the interior of Malaysia
11 Oct 2019
NFCP will be funded by telcos, MCMC hopes state govts will ease regulatory measures
5 Sep 2019
MoE refutes YTL’s allegations over 1BestariNet project
5 Jul 2019
Dr M: What is illegal offline is almost always illegal online
28 May 2019
Internet-famous Grumpy Cat passes away at age 7
17 May 2019
Singapore's anti-fake news Bill 'frighteningly broad', say activists
3 Apr 2019
Taiping home orders man caught beating child resident to go on leave
21 Feb 2019
Dr Mahathir unfazed by Najib's popularity on social media
1 Feb 2019
China's 'Useless Edison' goes viral with his wacky designs
1 Feb 2019
Hannah Yeoh: Use referrals, don't look for babysitters online
23 Nov 2018
Taiwan grandpa catches 'em all playing Pokemon Go on 15 phones
13 Nov 2018
PKR polls: Saifuddin shrugs off sabotage claim in three Sabah divisions
7 Nov 2018
Yeoh wants to raise awareness to curb exploitation of minors online
28 Oct 2018
Najib’s reaction during mid-term review speech draw attention from MPs; mixed reactions from netizens
19 Oct 2018
Gobind: Govt committed to provide efficient broadband speed for low price
30 Jul 2018
Gobind: Ministry hopes to provide cheaper, faster broadband
22 May 2018
No right answer in Yanny/Laurel debate, says doctor
18 May 2018
DPM: Measures put in place not to silence critics but for awareness
17 Apr 2018
Bukit Aman Counter Narratives
13 Mar 2018
Samsung launches Galaxy S9 with focus on social media
26 Feb 2018
Shocking news rock badminton scene
13 Feb 2018
Bukit Aman launches Malaysia Internet Crime Against Children Investigation Unit
9 Feb 2018
Bixby, tell me what's new?
9 Feb 2018
YouTuber Logan Paul apologises after dead man video
3 Jan 2018
May the paws be with you
20 Dec 2017
StarTV steps up to the invisible box challenge
6 Dec 2017
Umno AGM: KJ challenges Dr M to prove he can win polls in internet age
6 Dec 2017
Facebook unveils messaging app for kids to pursue younger users
5 Dec 2017
Learning to navigate the Internet
2 Dec 2017
Perak's Musang King durian for RM28 per kg deal
25 Nov 2017
Snake on a train: man grabs and kills snake on Jakarta train
24 Nov 2017
Universities to enjoy higher speed network
4 Oct 2017
Chinese 'office chef' becomes an internet hit
26 Sep 2017
Desperate search for loans ends in triple scam
19 Sep 2017
Social media transgender personality wins Miss Tiffany 2017 pageant
28 Aug 2017
Bangkok residents freaks out over "slanted" building
18 Aug 2017
State-of-the-art tech for Hill10
25 Apr 2017
Digi eyes 'IoT' for new area of growth
2 Nov 2016
Mother dismisses allegations on her daughters as thieves
30 Sep 2016
Film on Thai folklore released for the internet audience
30 Sep 2016