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The Straits Times | Which housing loan should I go for in Singapore?
25 Nov 2022
More Malaysians can own a house under PR1MA-SJKP collaboration scheme, says PM
4 Mar 2022
Tengku Zafrul: Cabinet may discuss public sector housing loans issue next week
4 Apr 2020
Budget2020: Civil servants benefits addressed
11 Oct 2019
Guan Eng: Expect 20% rise in housing loan approvals with Bank Negara’s new requirements
22 Aug 2019
Zuraida: Govt to reduce interest rates for affordable home to below 4%
3 Aug 2019
Lim: MoF to take action against banks that reject eligible housing loans
26 Apr 2019
Chinese national desperately seeking refund after failed house deal
24 Aug 2018
Rehda: DIBS can assist middle-income house buyers
14 Sep 2016
Rehda: Money-lending interest rate under discussion
14 Sep 2016
Rehda president clarifies money-lending issue
14 Sep 2016
Maybank: Housing loan rejection rate at 20% in 2015
7 Apr 2016
Property prices not rising except specific locations
9 Mar 2016
Rehda: Housing loans less than one-third of total loans
9 Mar 2016
Housing loan rejection rates up
9 Mar 2016