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Activity bringing together youth from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao
19 Sep 2023
100,000 endangered Chinese sturgeons released into the Yangtze River
26 Mar 2023
Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Shanghai
5 Mar 2023
China-Russia border city of Heihe sees revival as goods exchange returns to normal
12 Feb 2023
Beijing residents say goodbye to Sanlitun bar street
2 Feb 2023
Shanghai to provide world's first inhaled vaccine as booster shot amid mutation
27 Oct 2022
How is Chongqing dealing with 2022’s historic heatwave?
23 Aug 2022
Self-driving taxis start commercial operation in South West China
19 Jun 2022
China holds third national college entrance exam amid Covid-19
9 Jun 2022
Newlyweds in Beijing surge to register for marriage on May 20
24 May 2022
Designer creates opera costume inspired by Chinese myths
3 May 2022
Beijing's markets have adequate food and essentials’ supply
25 Apr 2022
Mass Covid-19 nucleic acid tests underway in Shanghai’s Puxi area
2 Apr 2022
Thank you Beijing: People from all walks of life tout stellar Winter Olympics
23 Feb 2022
Athletes bowled over by Beijing 2022 Olympic Village cuisine
15 Feb 2022
Chinese volunteer turns home in Beijing hutong into ‘mini Olympic museum’
16 Jan 2022
Self-driving bullet train for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games makes debut
7 Jan 2022
New York says 'good riddance' to 2021
29 Dec 2021
Residents in Beijing and Shanghai enjoy Christmas Eve
26 Dec 2021
Shanghai cafe pioneers anti-dementia efforts
21 Nov 2021
Interpreter Tang Wensheng recalls PRC delegation’s debut at UNGA
17 Nov 2021
Jining - the city that embraces Confucianism
30 Oct 2021
Primary school in Beijing welcomes 2022 Winter Olympics
27 Oct 2021
Starbucks opens first Greener Store outside of N. America in Shanghai
9 Oct 2021
ChinaJoy held in Shanghai with strict Covid-19 prevention measures
9 Aug 2021
Chinese cities enter hottest days of summer
13 Jul 2021
A day in Jining City
25 Jun 2021
Shanghai residents enjoy beauty of Spring
3 Mar 2021
A regular day of a border guard in Xinjiang
3 Mar 2021