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Series of quakes rattle Taiwan again
23 Apr 2024
New York's Empire State Building goes dark for Earth Hour
24 Mar 2024
Indonesians evacuate after 7.3 magnitude earthquake
25 Apr 2023
Rome landmark Colosseum goes dark to mark Earth Hour
26 Mar 2023
Pakistan quake kills at least 20, injures hundreds
7 Oct 2021
Lights go out across Europe to mark Earth Hour
28 Mar 2021
Earthquake survivor rescued from debris 33 hours after in Turkey
1 Nov 2020
Anti-Lynas protesters rally against Pakatan’s U-turn on manifesto promise
18 Aug 2019
DAP leaders mum on Lynas stance after 3-hour meeting
14 Aug 2019
Cities in Malaysia go dark as Earth Hour kicks off
25 Mar 2018