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State polls: Vote for unity govt parties to develop Kelantan, says Zahid
31 Jul 2023
Malaysia’s taxation model is unsustainable, says deputy finance minister
30 Mar 2023
Reject corruption, no more stealing, says Anwar
23 Jan 2023
A Chinese mRNA Covid vaccine gets its first approval - in Indonesia
30 Sep 2022
PM: Malaysia must innovate, be open to technology to achieve aims
2 Aug 2022
Govt aiming for a Federal Park in each state, says Ismail Sabri
5 Mar 2022
Will South Korea's presidential election ink the end of tattoo taboos?
22 Feb 2022
Unimap becomes first public university to conduct research on hemp cultivation
10 Sep 2021
New padi varieties to boost rice yield in Malaysia
27 Feb 2021
Why Pfizer vaccines are for townspeople and AstraZeneca for rural folk
5 Jan 2021
Health DG: We will spend four months to evaluate Pfizer trial data
21 Dec 2020
Covid-19 vaccine roll out to begin next week, says British government
2 Dec 2020
Dr M calls on civil servants to adopt new year’s resolution to make Malaysia great
6 Jan 2020
PM: Celebrate similarities, put aside differences
31 Dec 2019
Taman Persekutuan Bukit Kiara to be gazetted as green lung
2 Dec 2019
Dr M: Agriculture can play key role to help enrich rural folk in Sabah, Sarawak
17 Sep 2019
Dr M: Arms industry can help boost Malaysia’s economy, like the national car
28 Mar 2019
Najib: Agriculture is next source of wealth
28 Sep 2017