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Italian chef in China creates fusion dishes for Spring Festival
6 Feb 2024
Extensive logistics network will strengthen Malaysia-China trade relations - Loke
19 Dec 2023
Rare Western Han Dynasty tomb found in southwest China
12 Dec 2023
Floods hit parts of India, South Korea, China
16 Jul 2023
Art exhibition reflects foreign artists' life experience in China
13 Jun 2023
Foreign filmmakers shoot documentaries in China's Chongqing
26 Apr 2023
More rare species spotted in SW China's nature reserve
10 Apr 2023
Advection fog paints a breathtaking picture in China's mountain city
9 Apr 2023
Spicy noodles industry booming in Chongqing
18 Mar 2023
Dazzling performance of fire dragon dance in China's Chongqing
29 Jan 2023
Hotpot festival in China's Chongqing aims to boost industry recovery
7 Jan 2023
China's Chongqing gets creative to promote cultural heritage
18 Nov 2022
Could Chongqing become China's coffee connoisseur capital?
9 Oct 2022
The Straits Times | Hail a driverless ride in Chongqing
3 Sep 2022
Chinese female scientist helps villagers out of poverty
3 Sep 2022
How is Chongqing dealing with 2022’s historic heatwave?
23 Aug 2022
Scenes of drought around the world
19 Aug 2022
Italian chef combines Chinese flavor with Italian desserts in Southwest China
7 Aug 2022
Bridge over a deep canyon goes viral in China
2 Aug 2022
Self-driving taxis start commercial operation in South West China
19 Jun 2022
Sci-fi scene: Rare foggy scenery along China’s light rail line
5 Apr 2022
Light shows held across China to celebrate Spring Festival
1 Feb 2022
16 dead in canteen collapse in China's Chongqing
8 Jan 2022
Self-driving buses start trial commercial operation in China's Chongqing
5 Dec 2021
Stunning winter scenery in SW China
27 Nov 2021
China's Chongqing wows Canadian YouTuber with rail network
21 Oct 2021
"Giant rice" cultivated in Chongqing, SW China
4 Sep 2021
Tea ceremony robot becomes main attention in Smart China Expo
30 Aug 2021
Giant hybrid rice grows well in China's Chongqing
30 Aug 2021
Ola Bola director debuts in China with marathon-themed film
17 Jun 2021
Hisham under quarantine, unable to join Asean-China foreign ministers' meeting
6 Jun 2021
Eagle tea reinvigorates Tujia villages in China's Chongqing
18 May 2021
Chongqing - in the eyes of American pilot
10 Mar 2021
Jinfo Mountain is snowy, winter wonderland for tourists
22 Jan 2021
New Fuxing bullet train put into service in China
26 Dec 2020
Indian chilies: The secret behind Chongqing hotpot's signature spice
26 Dec 2020
British YouTubers explore Chongqing
7 Oct 2020
World's oldest captive giant panda celebrates 38th birthday
17 Aug 2020
Covid-19: Disinfectant tunnel in China sprays workers
13 Feb 2020
Passenger-driver argument causes bus to plunge into river, killing 13
2 Nov 2018
Knife-wielding woman injures 14 in China kindergarten attack
26 Oct 2018
Instant karma for peeing boy
26 Feb 2018
China is all set for Chinese New Year
14 Feb 2018
Heavy snowfall grips most parts of China
4 Jan 2018
Rat climbs up man's pants during hot pot dinner
27 Sep 2017