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Transport Ministry to push for setting up of soft loan fund for green effort in shipping sector
5 Sep 2023
Govt to allocate RM2bil for National Energy Transition Facility, says PM
29 Aug 2023
China's carbon emissions reduction goals attract foreign firms
10 Nov 2022
The Straits Times | Singapore unveils first climate conference pavilion at COP27
9 Nov 2022
DBKL gets support from UK to make KL zero carbon
9 Sep 2022
World's largest carbon trading market mirrors China's green commitment
16 Jul 2022
Goal to achieve carbon neutral status by 2050 seems overambitious, says lawmaker
4 Oct 2021
A look at China's largest molten salt solar thermal power station in Gobi Desert
3 Mar 2021
Unilever to stop using fossil fuels in cleaners
3 Sep 2020
Boris Johnson replaced by ice sculpture at debate
29 Nov 2019
Greta to Trump: 'Listen to the science'
29 Aug 2019
Yeo: Govt targets 200 low carbon zones across country by 2030
23 Jul 2019
No immediate plan to impose carbon pricing, says Yeo
10 Jul 2019
Do you know ... It's world energy conservation day?
10 Jan 2018
Thailand's tuk tuks to go green
10 Oct 2017