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Johor looking to enhance security involving halal products after cartel bust
4 Dec 2020
Oxford's Brazil vaccine trial to continue after volunteer dies
22 Oct 2020
Global Covid-19 deaths pass 800,000
23 Aug 2020
India Covid-19 death toll surpass 50,000
17 Aug 2020
Tourist sites in Brazil welcome back guests
16 Aug 2020
Brazilian President Bolsonaro says he has 'mold' in lungs
31 Jul 2020
Brazilian teacher brings hugs to quarantined kids
24 Jul 2020
Brazil's Bolsonaro tests Covid-19 positive... again
16 Jul 2020
Brazil's president Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19
8 Jul 2020
Brazil's COVID-19 death toll passes Britain, world's second highest
13 Jun 2020
Top Glove’s earnings all-time high
11 Jun 2020
Pet delivery in Brazil helps shelter animals find new owners
19 May 2020
EP15: Where did my ‘glorious morning’ go? | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
16 May 2020
EP13: Is Brazilian wax viable? | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
2 May 2020
Brazilian narrates family life like a football match
14 Apr 2020
Trump says he's ‘most likely’ to get tested for Covid-19
14 Mar 2020
As fires ravage the Amazon, indigenous tribes pray for protection
2 Sep 2019
Fate of G7 Amazon aid simmers amid Macron-Bolsonaro row
28 Aug 2019
G7 makes US$20m Amazon aid deal, amid Bolsonaro row
27 Aug 2019
"Ashes to ashes:" Brazil troops begin tackling fires in devastated Amazon
26 Aug 2019
Brazil to send troops to fight Amazon fires, says president
24 Aug 2019
'Until my last drop of blood' tribe vows to protect Amazon
24 Aug 2019
Brazil's Bolsonaro blames Amazon wildfires on NGOs
22 Aug 2019
Male model Tales Soares dies after shock fall on San Paulo Fashion Week catwalk
28 Apr 2019
Building collapses leave 5 dead, 9 injured in Rio
13 Apr 2019
Boat hits Brazil bridge
7 Apr 2019
Safee Sali wants to do great things with PJ City
20 Feb 2019
Fatal fire exposes poor conditions for young Brazilians
10 Feb 2019
Local hero saves girl from mud of Brazil's deadly dam collapse
31 Jan 2019
Victims of dam burst disaster in Brazil are laid to rest
30 Jan 2019
Israeli rescuers arrive in Brazil to search for survivors of dam collapse
28 Jan 2019
Bolsonaro takes office as Brazil's president
2 Jan 2019
Brazilian presidential candidate in stable condition after being stabbed
9 Sep 2018
Rio's 200-year old National Museum engulfed by fire
3 Sep 2018
Brazilians flock to Rio's beaches for a glimpse of the lunar eclipse
28 Jul 2018
Brazilian baby survives after being buried for seven hours
8 Jun 2018
Brazil's Lula defies prison order, creating standoff
7 Apr 2018
Interview with Roberto Carlos
23 Mar 2018
Roberto Carlos named AirAsia's global brand ambassador
23 Mar 2018
One baby dead, 15 injured after car plows through Copacabana sidewalk
19 Jan 2018
Coutinho wants to win titles with Barcelona
8 Jan 2018
FIFA World Cup finals groupings drawn
2 Dec 2017
Argentina, Brazil and Germany are still favourites in 2018 World Cup
1 Dec 2017
Brazilian couple arrested for murdering woman and taking baby from her womb
24 Oct 2017
Brazil arrests more than 90 people in paedophile crackdown
21 Oct 2017
Brazilian thanks late German Olympic silver medallist for his heart
11 Oct 2017
At least 22 killed after ferry capsizes in Brazil
25 Aug 2017