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Road collapses again after floods hit Penang
9 May 2019
Love trumps all: Zairil and Dyana weds
9 Dec 2018
Faces of the New Malaysia: Zairil Khir Johari By KRA Group
4 Sep 2018
Five new faces in Penang exco
16 May 2018
A leaner state exco, says Penang CM
16 May 2018
Candidates connect with voters during walkabout after nomination
29 Apr 2018
Four corner fight at Air Putih and Tanjong Bunga
28 Apr 2018
Penang Pakatan Harapan has confidence in Zairil to deliver in Tanjong Bungah
26 Apr 2018
Hon Wai picked as DAP candidate for Bukit Bendera over Zairil
19 Apr 2018
Dyana shows off ‘motherly love’
30 Mar 2018
Wedding ceremony probably at the end of the year, says Zairil
10 Mar 2018
Zairil and Dyana are now engaged
10 Mar 2018
'Pulse 2 not suitable for Malaysian students'
29 Nov 2017